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About Us

It’s not what you make, but what you keep, save, invest and grow. These truths are the foundational pillars that BC Holdings of TN has established as its unwavering principals of financial empowerment, lifestyle management and wealth building. BC Holdings of TN is quickly becoming the foremost resource for true and balanced financial readiness and wellness in our workplace and collegiate addressable markets.

Why Choose Us

Our team has over 50 years of experience in financial education and employee empowerment.

We understand that financial wellness is a life-long journey and not a single event. We connect all financial topics by building and explaining the association of each while building a wealth building plan.

BC Holdings of TN is not fiduciary which means that your employees or students will not be subject to unwanted pressure to purchase products or services.

Unlike most financial wellness programs, the end goal of DFW is to solely teach individuals and families how to build wealth, and build it the right way.

Our life-changing programs improve employee readiness, performance/effectiveness, bottom-line profits, and default rates.

BC Holdings of TN is on the leading edge of technology and uses the latest financial readiness E-Learning programs and tools designed to deliver impactful training around the globe.

Start Your Journey to Destination: Financial Wellness!

Unlike most programs, DFW, a self-paced LMS, connects the dots, leaving no stone unturned when developing a customized financial plan that is solely designed to build wealth. Knowledge is the key to building wealth the right way; however, you have to put that knowledge to work! Over the last 21 years, BC Holdings of TN has developed this proven, achievable, and comprehensive approach to achieving financial wellness by way of unbiased education and guidance while developing your financial plan. After the implementation of Destination: Financial Wellness (DFW), participants are confident and prepared to live a great lifestyle while preparing for a wonderful wealth style. For more information about DFW click here.

Financial Wellness Matters

Investing in financial education is fundamental to creating a competitive advantage and boosting profits. Connecting employees and students to financial readiness training programs empower them to become fiscally proficient and financially secure at the workplace, school, and home.

FGR & BRS Training

BCH is uniquely qualified to develop materials and facilitate retirement and financial wellness training courses for federal employees from onboarding to offboarding. We offer Federal Government Retirement and Blended Retirement System training and other resources to guide employees through their plans.

BCH Results

Our results show that after completing the DFW program, 92% of participants realize that retirement seems obtainable, 71% increased their workplace retirement contributions, and 91% reduced debt.

Numbers That Speak For Themselves

0 %

of Americans live paycheck to paycheck -CNBC

0 %

of Americans do not have $1,000 cash on hand for emergencies – CBS

0 %

of American workers do not have a retirement savings plan – AARP

Frequently Asked Questions

For the last 21 years, with esprit de corps and integrity, BCH accepts its purpose, responsibility and the trust placed in us to develop unbiased educational resources, curriculum, and programs while creating pathways that promote a global culture where everyone has the opportunity to become financially well, self-sufficient, and financially independent balancing their lifestyle and wealth-style through balanced abundance.

No. BCH is an independent, for-profit, financial wellness educational organization with a social enterprise and business-to-business partnering model. There are no direct sales or transactions
between BCH and the end-user, consumer, employee, or student. All business transactions are between the organization and BCH. This structure gives us the freedom to deliver unbiased financial education and assist organizations, businesses, colleges, universities, and government agencies in need of support. BCH’s information and training is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. You should consult a qualified, licensed,
investment professional for questions relative to investments or other fiduciary matters.

Absolutely – In addition to BCH’s “Boots on the Ground”, action-based live workshops and seminars, we have a technology forward, activity-based financial readiness and engagement platform called Destination: Financial Wellness (DFW). DFW is self-paced and mobile ready. This comprehensive financial readiness resource tools will carry you from cradle-to-college, college-to-work, work-through-retirement, retirement-to-grave, and grave-to-legacy.

Yes, DFW can be customized for the client and end-user.

Yes, DFW has a train-the-trainer component which includes an on-demand library of videos and training sessions for each module.

The online version allows DFW to be scaled in an unlimited manner. There are two versions of pricing, one based on the number of eligible users and the other based on a fixed price. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].

BCH programs are evidenced-based and utilize different methods to determine outcomes, effectiveness, ROI, and ROT (time) of financial readiness training that are closely aligned with client expectations. Generally speaking, pre and post surveys, pre and post tests, assessments, and course evaluations are standard tools used to measure program outcomes. Additionally, credit scores, debt reductions, retirement plans participation increases and retirement plan loan reductions, university default rate reductions, and the amount student borrow are other ways success is measured. Finally, three, six, and twelve month surveys of the end user’s experience,
progress report, and feedback serve as tremendous indicators of the long-term value for employees and students. Undoubtedly, employee retention, performance/productivity, morale, and stress at the workplace are key indicators that we monitor closely during our anonymous financial assessments.

Public Sector, Private Sector, Academia Sector, and Training Organizations.

Not at this time. Our current business model is business-to-business which means that the institution (business, government or educational institution) will purchase our products and services for the benefit of their employees or students. Individuals are not able to pay BCH directly.

Indeed it is, DFW is designed to help all individuals and families create a financial plan that will lead to financial stability and confidence. It will meet you where you are financially whether you are starting in a great, good or not so good place and help you to achieve higher and more stable levels of financial strength.


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