2451 Atrium Way #122 Nashville, TN


2451 Atrium Way #122

Nashville, TN 37214



Our Mission

With esprit de corps and integrity, BCH accepts its purpose, responsibility and the trust placed in us to develop unbiased educational resources, curriculum, and programs while creating pathways that promote a global culture where everyone has the opportunity to become self-sufficient and financially independent by obtaining and enjoying balanced abundance.

The objective of BC Holdings of TN, LLC, is to maximize employee and student performance using unbiased financial readiness tools and education. Building wealth through balanced abundance is the goal for all, which means enjoying life during their earning years (lifestyle) while simultaneously planning and investing to fund their retirement years (wealthstyle).

We will accomplish this by enhancing the overall financial readiness of your workforces, team members, and student populations. Empowering employees and students to become more successful both personally and professionally is a game-changer for your organizations,” said Saundra B. Curry, BC Holdings of TN’s COO. “Maximum human performance equals maximum business results.”