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Financial Products

Any combination of these award-winning products or services will yield measurable and quantifiable returns, stronger bottom-line profits, reduction in default rates, increased employee/student preparedness, and mission readiness for your organization. Each product and service is specifically developed for all levels of the workforce. Materials and presentations are delivered to reach every participant/student no matter their level of financial awareness or fitness. All workshops are available virtually or on-site.

Important Note: All training is educational only and strictly confidential. BCH is not a fiduciary.

Destination: Financial Wellness LMS (DFW)

DFW Online is a technology forward, comprehensive, full-service, self-study, financial wellness program that provides knowledge and resources essential to building and executing an individualized financial plan online. The program is built around BCH’s five components of financial wellness and is technology
forward (i.e. gamification, capstone simulation, on demand topics, individual and team challenges, chat, etc). The uniqueness of DFW starts with a balanced approach to meet every household where it is financially. The goal is to help employees enjoy life during their earning years while simultaneously
planning and investing to fund their retirement years. Students learn the skills necessary to manage student debt, lifestyle, and wealth-style. DFW is scalable and can accommodate small, medium, large, and mega sized companies.

DFW’s online program is self-paced or completed at the pace established by the client. Each module is presented in 2-7 minute segments for ease and convenience. It is available for use on various devices such as smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. In other words, DFW is ready anywhere at any time. All things money… all in one place.

Destination: Financial Wellness & Retirement Workshops

These workshops are available to the following sectors… private, public, academia, and training. Half-day, one, two, or three-day workshops are available for Destination: Financial Wellness and Retirement courses. Virtual and onsite courses give participants the opportunity for immediate feedback and enables them to learn from questions asked by others. During class, they work through the plan in their Destination: Financial Wellness or Retirement workbook. This hands-on approach is very effective and produces lasting results. Class participants can be limited.

Security Clearance – Excessive Debt/Credit Management and Credit Restoration Plan

One-day or two-day workshops available.

This session is focused on dealing with excessive debt by establishing a debt reduction plan and restoring credit to a level acceptable to pass the portion of security clearances pertaining to excessive debt and credit scores. Each participant will pull their credit report for a comprehensive credit analysis
and a review is included. The success rate of this course is over 90%.

Debt Reduction Counseling and Debt Reduction Plan (DRP)

Half-day or one-day workshops available. Each participant will establish a debt reduction plan using their actual debt.

DRP is designed to

  • Establish a debt reduction plan
  • Avoid filing for bankruptcy
  • Avoid settling in debt
  • Remove collections (if possible)
  • Prevent late payments
  • Review the only reasons to go into debt
  • Become debt free ASAP

The success rate of this course is 87%. This means that over a 6th month period she/he has decreased their debt.

Credit Analysis and Restoration (CAR)

Half-day or one-day workshops are available.

  • CAR is designed to…
    80% of participants have increased their score
  • increase the understanding of how credit impacts financial futures and how it is job-related (i.e., security clearances, hiring, promotions, etc.)
  • strategies to increase credit scores
  • read and interpret each section of credit reports
  • show how scores are determined, rated, and weighed
  • Illustrate how to build credit the right way
  • teach how daily financial decisions can impact credit scores (positive and negative)
  • protect against credit breaches and identify theft
  • provide a comprehensive credit analysis and review

Navigating Thru Financial Interruptions— Furloughs, Layoffs, Job Loss

Half-day or one-day workshops available.

This topic was requested in light of government shutdowns and furloughs in the recent past. Additionally, it has been great for companies and employees faced with the harsh reality of downsizing. Because you care deeply about the well-being of your employees, this session is serious and real, yet encouraging and reassuring. We inspire employees to embrace the present while looking toward and planning with the future in mind. The session ends with safeguards necessary to survive future interruptions without pause. It is uplifting and empowering.

“Ask the Expert”

Via email or chat participants are given the opportunity to email an unbiased financial coach at BCH for assistance. This service is available with the purchase of other programs and services and is effective as long as the participant is an employee.

Monthly Financial Newsletter—FinTips

FinTips are monthly financial newsletters written and distributed by BCH each month. Newsletters are sent via email and pertain to information that may impact their personal financial economy and financial fitness. Participants can opt to have the newsletter sent to one or more email addresses and may opt-out at any time. Email addresses are not sold or shared with other companies. Click here to sign up.

Keynote Addresses—Financial Wellness Experts

BCH is available for keynote and presenter roles at conferences, conventions, company meetings, student, and parent orientations, etc. As indicated in all of the evaluations, BCH is always the “hit” of the event.


BCH’s approach toward financial literacy for college students is often described as a program that binds financial readiness in college to financial wellness and fitness at the workplace. Destination: Financial Wellness (DFW) for college students is holistic, realistic, and comprehensively designed to educate during college, beyond graduation, and into the workplace. While one of DFW’s primary proof of concept is to strengthen each student’s ability to become knowledge-rich for their journey ahead, another critical measure is the reduction of university student loan default rates. Moreover, while journeying through DFW, students come to appreciate that their financial GPA (credit scores) is just as important as their academic GPA because 65% of all companies, including federal and state governments, check credit as a factor to determine employability. Adopting DFW as a part of your university’s ecosystem creates endless wins for the community, university, parents, students, and their careers. The job market is very competitive for students, so any advantage speaks volumes. In other words, don’t give potential employers a reason to question or deny employment to graduating students.

Postgraduate – Financial Wellness Exit Strategy

BCH’s post-graduate program, Exit Strategy, not only meets, but exceeds the federal requirement to provide a debt management program for all students graduating with student loan debt. Our program has decreased student loan default rates and borrowing levels around the country. It provides students with sample monthly budgets, budget strategies based on the cost of living, taxes, and student repayment plans and debt reduction and while explaining (in their terms) the importance of paying student loans and other debts on time.

Interested in learning more about our financial wellness products or are you ready to get started right now?