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Financial Wellness Matters

US business trends in financial wellness education training have taken root in businesses, agencies, and educational institutions. Financial stress, retirement unpreparedness (borrowing against retirement plans), productivity, and a decline in performance significantly affect employee mission readiness and student performance. Financial literacy is the new face of productivity. Investing in financial education is fundamental to creating a competitive advantage and boosting profits. Programs must provide unbiased financial readiness centered around the employee’s financial health without the interference of marketing additional services and third-party products. This investment pays lasting dividends to the company, employees, students, and stakeholders. Connecting employees and students to financial readiness training programs empower them to become fiscally proficient and financially secure at the workplace, school, and home. Employers that provide financial wellness tools have experienced 76% more satisfied employees, 66% more loyal employees, and 55% greater productivity. In the end, offering financial wellness gives employers in all sectors a competitive edge as more employees and students are requesting this service as a benefit. 5 companies tackling employee financial wellness | Employee Benefit News

Federal Government Retirement Training (FERS & BRS)

When it comes to retirement and financial wellness, BCH is uniquely qualified to develop materials and facilitate training courses for federal employees from onboarding to offboarding. FERS is a uniquely developed career financial workshops to guide employees through FRS.

New Hire: Benefits such as effective and timely utilization of sick/annual leave, TSP, FERS Survivor, Disability, Retirement benefits, Workers Compensation, FEGLI, FEHB, and LTC offerings are examined to maximize utilization.

Mid-Career: This course strategically discusses and explains federal benefits used in financial planning, types of investments available relating to TSP and events such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a family member, college, and retirement planning.

Pre-Retirement: Gives students a basic understanding of how their pension (FRS) works, and how it applies in their unique career situation. Detailed overview of Retirement, Survivor Benefits, FEHB, FEGLI, LTC, and TSP retirement decisions as well.

BRS: Blended retirement system courses for military personnel are available to ensure that soldiers and their families thoroughly understand the benefits, services and importance of planning for retirement during their service to our country.

Retirement Income Estimator (RIE): Proprietary digital retirement calculator specifically to estimate retirement income for federal employees. Factors like TSP contributions/growth rates upon retirement, unused sick leave, current age, age upon retirement, your high three, survivor benefits, supplemental FERS estimates, and TSP options.


You can’t plan the future in the future! For over two decades, BCH has empowered employees and students to achieve financial wellness and to build wealth using a balanced abundance approach during their earning years so they can have retirement security. Our results show that after completing the DFW program, 92% of participants realize that retirement seems obtainable, 71% increased their workplace retirement contributions, and 91% reduced debt, 78% started investing outside of their workplace retirement plan, 80% increased their credit score, and 83% increased net worth using the DFW platform.